Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Jamie for another WILW!

I'm LOVING that my husband took the day off Monday! He went with me to my doctors appointment and we had planned on having a Birthday/ Valentines lunch date but poor Rinna Beth got sick at Aunt Beth's house, so we rushed home after my appointment to pick her up.

I'm LOVING my sister! She loves my children so much and took great care of Rinna Beth until I was able to come home!

I'm LOVING the sanitize cycle on my washing machine! We have had colds, ear infections, head aches and the stomach bug all in the last week. I have really put the sanitize cycle to good use!

Samsung WF448AAP 4.5 cu ft. Steam Washer - Stainless

I'm LOVING that my babies all seem to be healthy today! PTL!

I'm LOVING this beautiful weather we have been having the last few days! I even opened a few windows yesterday!

I'm LOVING the new Hillsong CD Aftermath that just came out! Check it out amazing praise and worship!

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