Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Corney but Cute

May your stuffing be tasty,
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes 'n' gravey
have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious,
May your pies take the prize,
May your Thanksgiving dinner
stay off your thighs.

Told ya corney but cute! I saw this on a friends facebook status.
I serve a wonderful God who has giving me so much to be thankful for!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Five Ways To Update Your Fall/ Winter Makeup Without Spending a Dime!

Even though it may have been 79 degrees here a few days ago, Winter is a mere 30 days away. And since buying makeup isn't on the top of my priority list during the holiday are a few money saving ways to freshen up your Winter makeup slump!

1. Apply moisturizer to your face directly after washing it while it is still slightly damp! Seriously, if you're not doing this it will change your good moisturizer to a great moisturizer.

2. Leave off the powder! Nothing worse than a chalky face, am I right? If you are extremely oily apply powder only in the T-zone. You will look younger and more fresh faced, trust me!

3. Use a cream blush AND if you don't have one go a little "old school" and use a peachy/ pink lipstick. Just dab it on your finger tips and gently tap upwards right below the cheek bone. Your fingers can be a great makeup applicator!

4. Change things up, line your upper and lower water line. You'd be amazed how something so simple can really give you a different look!

5. Get back out that bronzer from Summer, use a big fluffy brush and apply it around your hair line and down your nose lightly to add dimension to your face.

Happy Fall!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting to Know You...

I thought an introduction was long over our twins!
Gentry Cate 5lbs. 5.5 oz. and Rhett Cullen 5 lbs. 11 oz.
The twins arrived about 6 weeks early but we are so blessed and thankful for two happy, healthy babies!
1 month
2 months and ready for bed!
3 months and in REAL clothes! Yay!
4 months
5 months
6 months of pure preciousness!
These two bring more joy and laughter into our home than I could ever have imagined! I am so blessed to be their Momma and to get to kiss those sweet cheeks all day long! Love em!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drug Store Cleansers

A while back I had a comment asking what was a good Drug Store cleanser.... and my answer may have taken forever but here's what I think...
When I was a teen my face was super sensitive and my Dermotologist recommended Neutrogena cleansers to me. They worked great on my oily, sensitive skin! I always love answering your questions even if it takes me a while to get the answer to you!

Here is an updated picture of the five sweet reasons why it takes me a while to get your questions answered! Haha!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whats in My Makeup Bag

So here it is....the perfectionist in me wanted to wipe down all my makeup before showing it but I wanted this to be the real deal, well minus two old q-tips I used to blend my eyeliner (I didn't think y'all would mind not seeing those.)

I took one of the bags off my Mary Kay travel roll up bag because its clear and I like to see what I'm digging for. Here's whats in my bag, my must have's that travel with me, even to the grocery store! haha!
The run down of my products
Mac Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
Mary Kay Mineral Powder Brush
Tarte Blush in Amused
Mary Kay Cheek Brush
Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara in Black
Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in Black
Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Coal
Bobbi Brown Essentials Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush
Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero
Urban Decay Grind House (sharpener)
Revlon Eyelash Curler
Mary Kay Mineral Bronzing Powder in Sandstone
Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy (2 of them for my girls because a little lip gloss is a BIG treat)
Mary Kay Lip Liner in Chocolate
2 Mary Kay discontinued lip sticks one in Paradise Pink the other ones name is rubbed off
Mary Kay Lip Gloss in Cream & Sugar
Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
The mirror of a broken compact
AND last but not least 2 bobby pins
I don't carry a purse when my babies are small, simply not enough arms. Here is the super cute bag I carry all my "supplies" in!

Thanks for taking a tour of my makeup bag!

I also wanted to add a BIG thank you for your feed back and very kind words! I have tried to comment back to each of you but it does not post. I'm sure its something I'm doing and I hate to sound dumb but thats why you haven't gotten a response back from me!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blushing Bride Keris

I had the honor of doing beautiful Keris' wedding day makeup along with many of her brides maids and her wonderful Mom for her wedding 2 years ago. Since I didn't have a blog then I thought I would share them now! Keris and Jeremy had an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down...a product review

If you have read any of my previous post you know I love eyelashes and that
mascara is by far my favorite makeup. I am extremely picky about mascara. I recently tried Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint(Extreme Defining & Lengthening)Mascara.
Lets first start off with the things I did like.
The brush is very tiny which I think is great for younger girls or someone who is just learning to apply mascara.
Yep thats really all I liked about it....
Ready? Here's what I didn't like.
This mascara is seriously stinky! I like a very black mascara, this mascara although it says it is black hardly showed up on my lashes. It gave me some length and seperation but the look was far too natural for what I want! Maybe someone with a very fair complection or a young girl just starting to wear makeup but this product is definitely NOT for me! This product was a THUMBS DOWN for sure!

I'd love to know what your favorite mascara is?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

HELLO again!

I'm back no not in April, May, or June but the last day of July! I usually don't like when other blogs have "STAY TUNED" posts BUT I'm making an exception and doing one! SO HERE ARE SOME FUTURE POSTS COMING UP!

I have a few fun reviews!
I'll be showing you whats in my makeup bag!
I was asked to do a tutorial so I'll being doing my first one of those! Yay!
I'll leave you with a peak of whats been keeping me happy and busy the last almost 3 months!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


I haven't been posting because I've had some blog issues and really haven't had the time to sit down and figure them out! I am still a very amateur blogger! I have a lot to learn! haha!

I did want to answer a question that was left in my comments...What face makeup do you wear?

I am currently using Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundation and Medium Coverage Foundation. I mix the two for a more custome color and coverage, I usually am darker in the summer months and its just easier for me to adjust the shade of my foundation this way! Trust me its super easy! I also use Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus to set the look! I hope this is helpful!
We have been so busy and I have lots of cute pictures, updates and even some reviews! Thank you for all the sweet comments and great questions!! Hope you all have had a wonderful April! You should see me back with regular posts in the month of May!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with Jamie on this gloomy Wednesday for WILW!

I'm loving all the sweet snuggles the twins and I have been getting in this rainy weather from my sweet Lib!
Straight out of the bath snuggles!

I'm loving my hardwood floors! Here are the best before and afters I have right now.
AFTER! (from Tiffany's shower)

I'm loving that we have the babies names picked out! We pretty much always have but we changed a middle name and its official now! YAY!

I'm loving all the encouragement my sister has given me this week! She is always so encouraging thats just her, but this week she has really been a source of encouragement straight from the Lord! It just reminds me to never take an opportunity for granted where I might be able to do the same thing for someone else!

I'm loving that I finally duplicated the Mila Kunis makeup I loved from the Oscars! This is the best picture of it and it was not planned to show the "look" so just look at the eyes. I took the picture at the end of my day so my lipstick is nonexsistent! Mila's makeup artist used Lancome products on her I duplicate her look using all Mary Kay so I purchased no products for this look!

I'm loving these cutie pies!
AND their Daddy!
Happy Wednesday! I'm hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's Favorites

I am linking up today with my beautiful, bestie and SIL Lyndsie for one of my favorite topics!

In my perfect world I would probably spend all my money on my children's clothes and decorating our home since these are two of my favorite things! haha! I do everything on a budget which means my house projects are never "done". Our home is always a work in progress but I kinda love that because I love decorating and design so much! When our twins arrive this summer we will have 5 children and 3 bedrooms so the babies will be in with Mommy and Daddy for as long as possible! I have lots of ideas for our nursery and I know just how I want it to look! Since we really aren't working on the nursery just yet because that's the girls room for now, here is a super "sneak peak" of what the room will look like when the time comes for the babies to move to their own room.

Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige

This is a Ralph Lauren sheet set that I found and LOVE! I hope to turn this material into part of the bedding! Oh if I only knew how to sew....So that's my work in progress!

Have a relaxing and wonderful weekend! I am so looking forward to our weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tiffany's Bridal Shower!

This past Saturday, Kendyl and I hosted a bridal shower for my future sister in law Tiffany! Kendyl, is one of Tiffany's bridesmaids and my girls are her flower girls!

Beautiful Kendyl making coffee punch!
We had all desserts! Yum!
The bride to be opening gifts!
Tiffany and her Mom!
Tiffany with her bridesmaids except for Amy.
Twenty seven weeks with the twins! Following the shower I sat with my feet up for a full day! My legs were so swollen. My feet only got swollen one time during Thanksgiving weekend when I was pregnant with Libby. I didn't experience swelling with any of my other pregnancies. So the huge swollen legs, ankles and feet were new to me. Regardless of the swelling I'm so glad Kendyl and I were able to host a shower for Tiffany! I can't wait for the wedding! Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tiffany's wedding will be the twins first outing! So excited!

Oh yeah....YAY IT'S SPRING! Warm weather and weddings just make me happy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Tonight I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW!!!

First off I'm LOVING the new camera my Nana and Bethany got me for my shower gift! Talk about totally blown away! I have wanted one for a really long time now! I especially wanted a new camera before the babies came! Any decent pictures on the blog are always from someone elses camera. So I finally have pictures worthy of blogging!!!!

I'm LOVING this week so much more than last!!! Our hard wood floors were being installed so we were stuck at a hotel for three day because we all got sick and didn't want to pass our germs onto my sister and her family who we were supposed to stay with. It was a rough, cooped up three days but we made some memories! haha! Brian kept saying one day we will look back on all this and laugh! We made it through, and tried to make the most of it despite our circumstances! I am so glad to be back home!
The girls got to sleep in the same bed for the first time! They were LOVING that!

I'm LOVING that my sweet friend Kendyl and I are hosting a bridal shower Saturday for my future sister in law Tiffany! I have lots of cleaning and getting ready to do but I love to host showers!

I'm LOVING that yesterday I had another sonogram and got to see my babies! We could see that our little boys eyes were open and that both babies have hair! AMAZING! I loved every second of seeing them on that tiny screen! Both babies are almost 3 lbs each! PTL!

I'm LOVING that tonight my husband brought home Moe's for supper! Our kids love Moe's!

I'm LOVING that yesterday I finished the big kids outfits to wear to the hospital to see their brother and sister! Yes, I am a planner like that! Their outfits are all pink and turquoise!

I'm LOVING my husband who has been working so hard to get our home ready for our babies!

I'm LOVING these cute little helpers!

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!