Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hair Styles....

I don't know if its this time of year or what... is it the fact that Spring is quickly approaching, or that I'm pregnant? I have been debating about hair styles and color for weeks now. I know I'm not alone, I've read similar dilemma's on other blogs. I have naturally curly hair but seem to loose a lot of the curl with each baby but I'm still left with frizz. I also seem to loose more hair after each baby. I have joked with my sis the hair stylist about getting a wig after the twins are born, I usually start losing my hair when my babies are around 4 months. I'm not just talking about a few strands, I'm talking gobs of hair here. My natural hair color is black, my hair has been really short and very long its been dark and lighter. Take a look...

 I'm kinda liking....

More bangs?

Color and Style?

Lighter brown?

Dark my natural color with shorter bangs?

Anyone else having problems deciding on a Spring style?



  1. Oooh...I know the feeling!

    But I def. like your hair darkest the best!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I appreciate your input so much!