Friday, March 23, 2012

My Little Mission Field

I'm not called to the mission field but I am called to raise the five precious children the Lord has intrusted me with for Him! Most of what I know about motherhood was taught to me by my Mom. She gave my sister and I a beautiful legacy for raising Godly children. And she also taught us that God equips each of us with wisdom and abilty to carry out His calling and plan for our lives! Recently, I was listening to Andy Stanley's wife Sandra Stanley talk about homeschooling their children. She talked about a verse in Nehemiah that ministered to her during this season of homeschooling. She felt sad because she had to say "no" to many good things because she just didn't have the time but God gave her Nehemiah 6:2&3... "I am doing a great work and I cannot come down." This is the message Nehemiah sent when he was trying to rebuild the walls of Jeresulam. So powerful! I immediately connected with what she was saying and this scripture! It's so true. I am doing a great work and so are you whether you are a homeschool Mom, working Mom, stay at home Mom, Mom of 1 or Mom of 20! Whatever God has called you to do, YOU are doing A GREAT WORK!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Can I just be all over the place for a minute?!

Am I the only one out there who enjoys a good random post? I'm kinda all over the place, today. I am a perfectionist and sometimes I really like that about myself and other times not so much. Like when it causes me to procrastinate because at this moment in time I can't make it perfect due to one reason or another. I find myself coming up with ideas for the blog or something totally unrelated to makeup and then I think I can't blog about that, this is supposed to be a "Makeup" blog....well its still a blog mostly about makeup but in an effort to be a better blogger there may also be some random "stuff" that I blog about. Like today....

* We are currently in the process of making a 3 bedroom home work for a family of 7. We just moved the babies out of our master bedroom into their own room. We are ALL moving to different spaces. Every closet has to be changed and 2 rooms are going to be painted. I was reading a Barbie book to Libby last night and it said something to the effect that " A clean house makes a clear mind." How true is that? Thanks Barbie! Ha! Lets just say I can't wait to have both again!

* I have been trying new makeup products as I use up the ones I already have. I am trying not to buy my "old faithful" product and give some new ones a chance. I'll of course keep you posted on my likes and dislikes. I normally buy products that some one else recommends to me. Do y'all do that or do you go to the store and buy what looks/ sounds good to you? So far I've tried new foundation, eyeliner and lip stick but I have used up a lot of my products and need to figure out exactly what I'll be replacing them with.

* We of course have lots of birthdays around here, Libby's is next. She will be three! She is so easy to please but I really want it to be special for her! She is technically the middle child but she hangs with the big kids one second and is sucking her thumb with the babies the next. haha!

* My husband is on a new adventure with his job! It's exciting to fully trust God!

* We are going to a wedding tomorrow! I LOVE weddings!

* I once agian loved Mila Kunis' makeup for the Golden Globes. Some of my other favorites were Charlize Theron, Emma Stone and Julianne Moore. What was your favorite Globe makeup?

* Can't believe this was my first post in 2012! Better late than never....I guess.

* And I leave you with this cutness!
The twins at Christmas!

Relax a little and enjoy your weekend!