Monday, December 6, 2010


We had a busy Christmas filled weekend! We got out the Christmas decorations Saturday night and decorated the house. Sunday after church we decided to take our family Christmas card pictures. Yes after church, lunch and right at nap time I decided was the only time to squeeze in pictures. Then after the kids finally got their naps in, Rinna Beth and I made our first batch of Christmas cookies!
 Now on to eyelashes. I decided that for our Christmas pictures I would add some flash eyelashes! I love eyelashes! I spend the most time when I'm doing my own makeup or someone elses on eyelashes. Curling, mascara, and yes sometimes the occasional false eyelash just for added volume and length! Now if you were born with beautiful, thick, long, dark, gorgeous lashes, I'll try not to be jealous! haha! If you're like me with skimpy, short, light lashes try some false lashes for yourself! When my husband I were dating and he saw me without makeup for the first time he actually asked me where my eyes went! So I'm not exaggerating about my lack of lashes! One of these days when I'm not pregnant I really want to try Latisse until then I think I may bring out the falsie's more often!

I tried Revlon Beyond Natural Professional Eyelashes for the first time!

My sister snapped these pictures while I was getting Libby dressed for pictures. We had just pulled a turtle neck on, so her hair is crazy! ha! I don't know how I didn't feel that hair across my cheek. Drives me nuts but you get the point of the lashes!

Just for fun I'll show you some of our Christmas Family 2010 outtakes!
A big thanks to Bethany with her help and patience I think we were actually able to get a few good ones! I'm off to put together a hopefully great 2010 Christmas card!


  1. I don't have eyes without makeup either :)

  2. How funny, I just wrote about eyelashes today.

  3. Megan I'm glad I'm not the only one! haha!
    April I loved your lashes!!