Sunday, November 20, 2011

Five Ways To Update Your Fall/ Winter Makeup Without Spending a Dime!

Even though it may have been 79 degrees here a few days ago, Winter is a mere 30 days away. And since buying makeup isn't on the top of my priority list during the holiday are a few money saving ways to freshen up your Winter makeup slump!

1. Apply moisturizer to your face directly after washing it while it is still slightly damp! Seriously, if you're not doing this it will change your good moisturizer to a great moisturizer.

2. Leave off the powder! Nothing worse than a chalky face, am I right? If you are extremely oily apply powder only in the T-zone. You will look younger and more fresh faced, trust me!

3. Use a cream blush AND if you don't have one go a little "old school" and use a peachy/ pink lipstick. Just dab it on your finger tips and gently tap upwards right below the cheek bone. Your fingers can be a great makeup applicator!

4. Change things up, line your upper and lower water line. You'd be amazed how something so simple can really give you a different look!

5. Get back out that bronzer from Summer, use a big fluffy brush and apply it around your hair line and down your nose lightly to add dimension to your face.

Happy Fall!


  1. What great tips - and budget friendly at that! I will have to try some of these :)

    Your newest follower!

  2. What do you mean outline your water line?

    Kimberly's Korner


  4. i was wondering if you could possibly do some makeup tutorials !!!! ???