Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Tonight I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW!!!

First off I'm LOVING the new camera my Nana and Bethany got me for my shower gift! Talk about totally blown away! I have wanted one for a really long time now! I especially wanted a new camera before the babies came! Any decent pictures on the blog are always from someone elses camera. So I finally have pictures worthy of blogging!!!!

I'm LOVING this week so much more than last!!! Our hard wood floors were being installed so we were stuck at a hotel for three day because we all got sick and didn't want to pass our germs onto my sister and her family who we were supposed to stay with. It was a rough, cooped up three days but we made some memories! haha! Brian kept saying one day we will look back on all this and laugh! We made it through, and tried to make the most of it despite our circumstances! I am so glad to be back home!
The girls got to sleep in the same bed for the first time! They were LOVING that!

I'm LOVING that my sweet friend Kendyl and I are hosting a bridal shower Saturday for my future sister in law Tiffany! I have lots of cleaning and getting ready to do but I love to host showers!

I'm LOVING that yesterday I had another sonogram and got to see my babies! We could see that our little boys eyes were open and that both babies have hair! AMAZING! I loved every second of seeing them on that tiny screen! Both babies are almost 3 lbs each! PTL!

I'm LOVING that tonight my husband brought home Moe's for supper! Our kids love Moe's!

I'm LOVING that yesterday I finished the big kids outfits to wear to the hospital to see their brother and sister! Yes, I am a planner like that! Their outfits are all pink and turquoise!

I'm LOVING my husband who has been working so hard to get our home ready for our babies!

I'm LOVING these cute little helpers!

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!

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