Saturday, November 20, 2010

Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Care Tips My Mom Taught Me!

For most of us its our Mom's who teach us about makeup and skin care. I will never forget the day my Mom told me I needed to pluck my eyebrows. Lets just say Brooke Shields had nothing on me! Well I didn't want to pluck my overgrown brows. So my sweet, very petite Mama and my younger sister who had been plucking hers for months, jokingly held me down for the "procedure"! Boy am I so glad they did! It literally opened up my face! I thought I would share some tips my Mom taught me when I was learning all things beauty! Some tips you've probably heard a million times before some may be new to you but for my Mama and her two girls these were the basics growing up!

~ Keep your hands off your face.
~ When you are at home keep your bangs off your for head and face.
~ Don't over pluck your brows (you probably need a professional to pluck or wax your brows the first time)
~ Keep your nails painted a light color most of the time.
~ Home for the day don't wear foundation.
~ Home for the night wash at least your face makeup off.
~ ALWAYS wash your face at night! NEVER sleep in your makeup!
~ Change your pillow case every night if you have oily skin.
~ Use oil free products.
~ Don't pull on your face especially the eye area.
~ Use eye cream even if you're young.
~ Wash neck using upward motion.
~ Never wash your face in hot water. Cool, crisp water is the best for your face.
~ Wash your face after you wash your hair.
~ After conditioning hair rise in cool/cold water.
~ Give your toenails a polish break in the Winter at least a few weeks.
~ Drink water and lots of it.
~ Change shampoo and conditioner every now and then.
~ Do a deep conditioner on your hair every 6-8 weeks.
~ Moisturize a freshly washed face and body.
~ Always curl your eyelashes.
~ Wear blush it makes you look alive.

Brooke Shields


  1. Your blog is so cute, and I love these tips! I needed to be reminded of a few. :)

  2. Love this!! Thanks so much for all of the great make-up, skin care and hair care tips!

  3. Great tips!!! I've never heard about changing yoru pillowcase every night but as a girl with very oily sking I'm going to try it.

    Congratulations on the twins. You have a beautiful family!!!