Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Blushing Bride!

This precious girl belongs to me! For our annual Hopefest at church my little girl Rinna Beth was a bride! She loves Hopefest for lots of reasons but this little girl could not wait for Mommy to put makeup on her! I love doing her makeup besides the occasional swipe of Mommy's lip gloss this is a BIG deal! I love seeing what her eyelashes look like with mascara on them! I don't buy costumes we use what we have and get creative. Her dress was her flower girl dress for my brother in law and sister in law's wedding! Rinna Beth and I went on a special shopping trip to Hobby Lobby for her $7.00 veil and the tacky clear shoes $1.00 at a yard sale! She loves the shoes the best dollar I've spent lately! She clacks up and down on the hard wood floors in her "Cinderella" shoes all day long! I only had one small "moment" when she lifted her dress, I mean just like a real bride, for me to put her shoes on her! WOW! I realize time really does fly by and all too soon this will be the real thing. I plan on cherishing every minute I have with my precious 4 year old girl!