Monday, January 17, 2011

We will be welcoming.....

a baby BOY and a baby GIRL! These precious twins have a very excited big brother and two sweet sisters who can't wait for them to join our family! We had our sonogram today! Our family is thrilled! You know those times when you are so overwhelmed by God's goodness you can't do anything but praise HIM?! I am so amazed by God's blessings that I truly can't put it all into words!

Though art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.  Revelation 4:11

Our family about to head into my doctors office! My sister and Holland Jane came with us for the big reveal too!

Recording the BIG announcement!!

Now to organize, decorate and prepare for these babies! I can't wait!


  1. We are so overwhelmed with happiness, excitement and pure JOY!!

    There really are no words! I just praise Him for what He is doing in your lives! I am so overwhelmed by emotions when I think about these two precious miracles. We are excited beyond words!!!

    We are so honored to be this precious baby boy and baby girls Aunt and Uncle and can not wait to welcome them into the world!!!

    We love you all dearly!!!

  2. How exciting is that?!!! Wow twins so fun!!! PS I so wished ya'll lived in Kentucky... I really could use a makeup artist for my wedding LOL I love your makeup and what you did in Lyndsie's wedding...

  3. Marcy, I so wish I could travel to Kentucky to do your makeup!:)

  4. What fun!!! how very exciting for you all! I only know you through your blog but was hoping for a boy and a girl for you. :o)

    My family is just like yours. Boy, girl, girl and then twins: a boy and a girl! (I'm number three)

    I had such a fun childhood, such fun memories and am close with all my siblings today!

    GOD BLESS!!!!!

  5. Elizabeth, thank you for your sweet comment!I love hearing about close family relationships! Its so encouraging!!